Black Chalk

Black Chalk‘ evokes a sense of mystery…

The name “BLACK CHALK” invokes mystery, intrigue and glamor all by itself
– and by adding gorgeous images and compelling editorials that our team is
known for, we will soon help it evoke even more.

Drawing from the best of pop-culture and dedicated to exploring all things
indie, Black Chalk Magazine, will provide compelling content which no
reader will want to miss.  We want you to see BLACK CHALK as a doyenne of
all things beautiful through well-produced online editorials, the introduction of
our  favorites – new fashion brands, exotic locations. Nothing that is good and
inspiring will be overlooked.

While fashion and the exotic are the core of BLACK CHALK, whatever attracts
and inspires BLACK CHALK’s editors will be included, so that this site reflects
a true “BLACK CHALK Lifestyle” – sophisticated, inspiring, fascinating, with a
touch of the forbidden. All of the mysterious arts of contemporary life will be
shared with avid readers who want to bring that BLACK CHALK element into
their own lives – while never sacrificing their own unique individuality to
anyone sense of style.


Justin Howard, Editor-in-Chief ~ Black Chalk Magazine

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