Blu Steel

Editorial – Black Chalk Magazine @BlackChalkMagazine

Editor – Justin Howard @Jthnomad

Stylist – Zoë Battles @stylebattles

Make Up Artist – Cheryl Calo @cherylmkupart

Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.Derek Zoolander

Blu Steel / Black Chalk Magazine

Blu Steel / Black Chalk Magazine

Blu Steel

Celebrating the release of Zoolander 2, we decided to recreate Derek Zoolander’s infamous ‘Blue Steel’ in our own vision. To that end we partnered up with Emmy nominated make-up artist Cheryl Calo to do just that. Enjoy!

Justin Howard – What is your philosophy about the ART of beauty? 

Cheryl Calo – I think the art of beauty is finding something beautiful in everyone that I work on. Everyone has an exceptional feature and its my job to find it and enhance it.

Justin Howard – Describe the ‘look’ you were going for in this shoot?

Cheryl Calo – The focus of the makeup was all about the eyes. So I went with colored metals for the eyes. I also wanted her skin to be smooth and creamy… Fresh.

Justin Howard – What is your favorite part about conceptualizing a shoot?

Cheryl Calo – My favorite part is envisioning my final look. It’s always so amazing when the end result comes out just as you pictured in your head, like any artist’s vision with a painting or whatever their medium of choice is. 

Justin Howard – When painting a face, you begin with a blank canvas. What inspires you?

Cheryl Calo – Great skin really inspires me. I also love how everyone’s facial structure is different. I never get to do the same thing twice!

Blu Steel / Black Chalk Magazine

Blu Steel / Black Chalk Magazine

Justin Howard –  What are some of your accomplishments as a make-up artist?

Cheryl Calo – I was nominated for an Emmy for How I Met Your Mother. I’ve been represented by the prestigious Cloutier Remix for 28 years. The most rewarding is the opportunity to work on some of the most beautiful faces in the world. 

Justin Howard – Speaking of that word… Artist. Do you consider yourself one?

Cheryl CaloYES! I have a bachelors’ degree in fine arts from the Pratt Institute and I minored in painting. I believe having an art background is imperative to the fundamental basis of being any kind of artist. 

Justin Howard – You regularly work with some of the most glamorous women in the world. How does that shape your definition of beauty? 

Cheryl Calo – Even the most glamorous women have something they aren’t happy with. We all have flaws. My definition of beauty is being healthy and happy with yourself. It’s not just your outward appearance, it also is influenced by how you are as a person. 

Justin Howard – As a make-up artist what is the most challenging part of your job?

Cheryl Calo – Being able to do my job while people are on the phone, or distracted by other things. 

Justin Howard – Who is your most influential fashion make-up guru?

Cheryl CaloPat McGrath. Everything she does is a work of art. 

Justin Howard – What is next for you?

Cheryl Calo – Right now I’m Key Makeup Artist on the 5th season of HBO’s Emmy award winning show Veep! I’m open to whatever the universe send my way. Hopefully a blockbuster movie!

Check Out Cheryl Calo’s artist work on the HBO Series VEEP!

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Blu Steel / Black Chalk Magazine

Blu Steel / Black Chalk Magazine