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I Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine

I Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine

The reality is that top designers like Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, and fashion power houses like Saint Laurent literally shape what we wear in our daily lives. What they showcase on runways from Milan to Tokyo set global trends that end up on the streets thanks to retailers like H&M and Zara. Based on what we have seen so far from the catwalks, it looks like 2017 is best described as “I Love The ‘80s.” All those trends we love to remember from the ‘80s are back in style. I am talking about everything from shoulder pads, sequins and metallic fabrics – all are back in vogue.

I Love The ‘80s – Women’s

I Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine

Saint Laurent / I Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine 

Viva La Glam

Nothing encapsulates the ‘80s as much as the fierce glam created by cultural icons like Boy George and Madonna. All those design elements that made the ‘80s so memorable like asymmetrical cuts, the liberal use of animal print and sky-high hemlines are back with a vengeance. Designer Isabel Marant is capturing the feel of the moment perfectly with her scarlet mini-dress with pleated, voluminous shoulders.

Saint Laurent is leading the charge among the larger fashion houses along with Louis Vuitton and Armani when it comes to using animal print in truly delicious ways. My personal favorite of the season is a Saint Laurent metallic gold leopard print, semi-sheer, off-one-shoulder mini-dress, perfect for making an entrance in any New York nightclub.

I Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine

Vera Wang / I Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine

The Minimal Effect

Alexander Wang has taken the concept of minimalism to a whole new level of creativity with his new shirts that are cut out to construct crop tops and mini skirts. I have found myself addicted to Vera Wang’s elegant, wondrous shirting creations.

I Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine

Dior / I Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine


Gender ambiguity is a key theme in this year as large fashion houses like Dior are playing with the traditional masculine and feminine designs to create an androgynous mood. I am particularly attached to Dior’s use of extra-long shirt cuffs, slim-cropped trousers and padded jackets in their latest runway show.

I Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine

Delpozo / I Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine


Fashion lines like Delpozo and Anna Sui are creating fantastical pieces with their use of translucent layers. Delpozo’s creation is an ethereal skirt draped over a brocade mini. Burberry’s crocheted skirts are worthy of note as are the sheer lace creations from Dolce & Gabbana. The whole overall atmosphere is whimsical, the materials light and wondrous, all perfect for spring.

I Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine

Dsquared2 / I Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine

I Love The ‘80s – Men’s

I Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine

Dries van Noten / I Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine

Soldier Boy

Designers like Dries van Noten are creating a new trend with their use of khaki and camouflage. Personally I adore Dries van Noten’s use of military silhouettes in their camouflage coats. Military design elements can be seen in lines like Valentino, Givenchy and G Star. If you are a fan of this style, be sure to check out the bomber jackets from Dsquared2 and Valentino’s camo patchwork jacket.

I Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine

Valentino / I Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine


The jumpsuit has made a big comeback, with designers like Watler Van Beirendonck and Valentino taking them to next level with their choice of materials and cuts. Love Walter Van Beirendonck’s use of black denim in a baggy cut. Valentino’s choice of light blue denim is perfect for running around town.

 Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine

Lanvin/ Love The ‘80s / Black Chalk Magazine

Big Is In

Remember when Boy George sported those big shoulders in the ‘80s? Well, they are back in men’s fashion. Everything from bombers to suit jackets are now sporting big shoulders that give the gentleman wearing them a playful swagger. The brands making the most of this big shoulder trend are Lanvin, E Tautz and of course one can’t forget Vivienne Westwood’s delicious striped blazer with oversized shoulders.


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