Konus – Elevated Streetwear

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By drawing inspiration from classic denim to modern Tokyo streetwear, the designer team behind the Konus line prides themselves on being fashion pioneers. During the backstage madness of FWLA, I had the pleasure sitting down with CEO Jenny Kang and Designer Dax Hall, the dynamic duo behind the Konus. These looks are directly from the Fashion Week Los Angeles show in the historic Union Station.

Konus - Elevated Streetwear

Konus / Designer Daz Hall – Elevated Streetwear

Konus – Elevated Streetwear

JTH – Why Fashion? What appeals to you about it?

Jenny – I originally majored in photography because I wanted to be a fashion photographer. But once I graduated from school, I also wanted to jump into the fashion industry to get more understanding about it. I started a second major in Fashion design at FIDM in Los Angeles.

Once I got into fashion design, I just fell into fashion, and found out that this is the future that I wanted to go into. Since I love fashion more than anything, I don’t have any regret on this.

Konus - Elevated Streetwear

Konus – Elevated Streetwear

JTH – How did you first get into making a fashion collection?

Dax –  When I was 11 or 12 years old, I started working in my mother’s vintage stores in the San Francisco bay area and one of my jobs would be to dress the window mannequins on a regular basis.

I always liked to have a theme I would try and explore, but they were pretty fundamental like “Space Voyage” or “Atlantis” or something I was into at the moment. We had four mannequins in the display and I would dress those head to toe so I suppose that is when I started getting into making my first collection.

JTH – What is the message of Konus?

Jenny & Dax  The word “Konus” means: Complete and utter champion. Also, in German, Konus means cone, the top point. According to its meaning, Konus is the best, top, and champion fashion brand for the Top people.

Konus - Elevated Streetwear

Konus – Elevated Streetwear

JTH –  How did you launch your new brand into today’s world?

Jenny – I wanted to break those common ideas that most people have in their mind about streetwear fashion. I strongly believe that there is no specific style that can describe streetwear fashion. Streetwear fashion is a culture. I wanted to launch the streetwear fashion brand that also has high-end class, is stylish and elevated. I wanted to make a brand that wearers can use to feel free to express their styles and color.

Konus - Elevated Streetwear

Konus – Elevated Streetwear

JTH – What look do you love to recommend from your current collection?

Dax  That depends on who is asking, but my personal favorites are the distressed zip knee denims and distressed drop-needle cable knit sweater.

JTH – Describe your philosophy about the art of wardrobe?

Dax  In my mind, a wardrobe should be the reflection of who the wearer is or strives to be. Clothing really is the only art form that anyone can access to express who they are, how they are feeling or who they hope to be. I think that it is personal to everyone.

JTH – Are you influenced by any music or art movement?

Dax Currently, I am drawing a lot of inspiration from the influence that early Rap, Hard Core, Dadaism and typeface has made on our society. I always find any kind of DIY movement in art and music to be most honest and that is helpful when trying to discover what makes me tick.

JTH – Describe your first piece. What did it look like?

Dax  The first piece that I made for a brand was a Denim Trucker Jacket with Leather sleeves. I sewed a bunch of patches that I had collected from thrift and surplus stores to it. My creative director liked it so much, he gave it to Tony Kanal, the bassist for No Doubt for his tour.

Konus - Elevated Streetwear

Konus – Elevated Streetwear

JTH – How do you intend people to feel when wearing your pieces?

Jenny When people wear Konus, I want people to express who they are and how they are feeling in Konus. I want them to feel the best, stylish and be proud of themselves in Konus. I want them to feel like “Because this is who I am, I am wearing Konus”.

JTH – Anything we should keep our eyes open for in the future?

Jenny & Dax  We are working on a project where we are planning to create a second label of the Konus Brand, which is more of an “affordable price” line. We would like to approach consumers with the second label so they can come to the Konus Brand. Right now, the Konus Brand has been growing in demand and popularity in Japan, South Korea and United States. We are expanding in China and European countries to widen our brand’s name to become a global fashion brand.

Konus - Elevated Streetwear

Konus – Elevated Streetwear

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