Mark Werts – Simple Solutions


Words & Photos – Justin Howard @jthnomad

Editorial – Black Chalk Magazine @blackchalkmagazine

CEO & Founder Mark Werts, of American Rag Cie

CEO & Founder Mark Werts, of American Rag Cie

It isn’t every day that a CEO decides to take a political stance that American needs to change the way it does business, let alone write a book about it. Honestly it was the last thing I would expect from the CEO of one of the most iconic fashion outlets in LA – American Rag Cie. Well that is just what CEO & Founder Mark Werts did. In his new book “America’s Simple Solutions” Mark lays out what he calls ‘simple solutions’ for the problems facing the newest generation trying to make their mark on the world, millennials.

I was impressed last night at the launch party for Mark’s new book “America’s Simple Solutions” at how deeply his message seems to have strike a cord with a such a large cross section of the population. I am taking about everyone from Hollywood’s Glitteratti down to the kid working at Starbucks, dreaming up his newest screen play. Seems like we are all yearning for simple solutions in this topsy-turvy political season, where all common sense seems to have vanished.