Rules of Black Chalk


Designs by Fashion Icon Betsey Johnson

Danger –

Every thing we create must have a shade of danger to it. Excitement, is
spice of life, no?

Sex –

Sex is life, Sexuality is the method. There is always an edge of
sensuality to our shoots.

Beauty –

We only do beauty. I don’t mean ‘Oh that’s cute honey’ kind of
beauty. I mean the mania inspired by Helen of Troy kinda of Beauty.
Everything from a cold, untouchable beauty to a beauty that drives you to
possess it. Beauty that takes your breath away…

Romance –

Personally I am a romantic at heart & Black Chalk is a celebration
of romance – from a lover lost, to a lover found, to our favorite kinds of
dangerous liaisons. We celebrate all the flavors of Romance from the bitter to
sweet. For it is better to have Loved, and lost, than to never love at all.

The Good Life –

We live in a floating world, where everything rises from the
nothing to sink back into it. One can cherish the moments we have or one can
lapse into misery. We choice to celebrate our moments – Good Food, Great
Drinks and Wondrous Escapes to the luxuries that feed our soul.