You Get What You See – Sara Niemietz

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“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”
― Unknown

You Get What You See – Sara Niemietz

If you love watching music videos on Youtube like I do, chances are you have seen the amazing videos made by Post Modern Jukebox. Post Modern Jukebox has produced over 180 videos with an astounding half a billion views collectively! Fronting this powerhouse group with her fantastic vocals is lead singer Sara Niemietz.

When Sara isn’t transforming hit songs from people like Adele into delicious flapper style confections, she is busy writing and recording her own original tunes.

Recently I had the pleasure of listening to one of Sara’s original songs off her new album Fountain and Vine called “You Get What You See.” This track is a beautiful song that explores what it means to be true to one’s own self, and being brave enough to be yourself in front of others. Which is no easy feat, trust me!

You Get What You See - Sara Niemietz

You Get What You See – Sara Niemietz

I must admit I kinda feel in love with “You Get What You See” because it was like listening to an old friend. Refreshing and familiar all at once. Sara’s vocals on this track remind me of the innocence that Norah Jones shared with the world on her first hit single “Come Away With Me.”

“You Get What You See” is a collaboration between Sarah and veteran musician and tv composer WG Snuffy Walden, perhaps best known for his Emmy Award winning theme song from The West Wing. On the track WG Snuffy Walden plays back up guitar for Sara, who besides singing is also playing lead guitar. Yes, I know this girl can do it all.

Currently Sara and her band, Post Modern Jukebox are on an international tour spanning 75 cities. I managed to tracked her down in Helsinki, the capital of Finland where I got the chance to interview about her love of music. Enjoy!

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